C2CAN strategic partners enable the organization to add significant value in the Canadian and Chinese technology ecosystems.

C2CAN partners include:

  • Leading research institutions and universities
  • Technology incubators & accelerators
  • Tech Parks & High Tech Zones
  • Angel investors & venture capital firms
  • Government organizations

Founding partners


China high-tech zone


Sanshui Industrial Park of Foshan


Foshan-Sanshui, ranked the 36th among the National Comprehensive Strength Top 100 district areas, and the 15th among the Industrial district Top 100 areas. The first of five districts in Foshan in most satisfied with the government. Sanshui Industry Park is in the central area of Sanshui District, with 110 square kilometre. The GDP reached to 30 billion RMB in 2017, with population up to 250 thousand. And Leping, where the Park is located, is ranked 38th among hundred towns in National Comprehensive Strength.


Sanshui Industrial Park of Foshan Nation High Tech Zone, one of the national high-tech development zones, was launched in 2003 and incorporated into the core area of Foshan High-tech Zone in 2011. At present, there are four national industrial bases, namely, China Auto and Parts Industrial Base (Sanshui), National Display Parks Industrial Park (Foshan), Automation Machinery and Equipment Industrial Base of National Torch Program Project, China Medical Device Industrial Base (Sanshui). In 2017, parks based on core industries such as New energy and new materials, Intelligent equipment manufacturing, Automobile and parts, Medical apparatus and instruments, Electric and electronic products accelerated the pace towards hundreds of billions of intelligent manufacturing clubs, and the effect of industrial agglomeration was prominent.