China canada cleantech innovation centre

The China Canada Cleantech Innovation Centre (CCCIC) supports technology companies that aim to solve some our world’s most pressing issues.

Aside from clean technology, CCCIC also supports companies that develop innovative technologies in:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology 
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Technology

CCCIC is a joint venture of Hanhai Holdings, Tsinghua Holdings, Jilin Ruite Environmental Protection Group and Henan New Future Investment. As a technology accelerator, investment fund and venture capital consulting company, CCCIC brings the new business model “Platform + Acceleration Fund” to Canada.

The “Platform + Acceleration Fund” is a combination of: (1) Services and resources offered through C2CAN and (2) venture funds available through CCCIC and its investment partners.

CCCIC offers a variety of services to help accelerate game changing technologies and connect technology innovators and entrepreneurial leaders with the resources and capital to succeed in China and Canada. Services include business development consulting, angel investor and venture capital connections, and financial advisory and capital raising services.

Doing business overseas can be complicated and seem overly difficult, which is why CCCIC provides companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed internationally.

A combination of unique knowledge and experience in the Chinese and Canadian markets and an extensive network in the two countries allows CCCIC to provide incredible amounts of value to companies looking to scale in China and Canada.


China Business Development Consulting

Angel Investor & Venture Capital Connections

Financial Advisory & Capital Raising Services