china canada cleantech innovation centre

CCCIC builds innovate teams, technologies and companies that aim to solve some our world’s most pressing issues.

We offer a variety of services to help accelerate game changing technologies and connect technology innovators and entrepreneurial leaders with the talent, capital and resources in China and Canada.

Our primary services include business consulting services where our dedicated team provides Canadian companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in CHina. Similarly, CCCIC also consults Chineses companies that are looking to explore the Canadian market. Doing business overseas can be complicated and seem overly difficult. CCCIC helps companies overcome these issues by making the process simple. Our unique experience overcome these issues by making the process simple. OUr unique experience in the Chinese markets along with out extensive network in China and Canada allows us to provide incredible amounts of value to companies looking to scale abroad.


China Business Development Consulting

Matchmaking with Local Angel Investors and Venture Capital

Financial Advisory Services

Capital Raising Services

Fund Raising Consulting